Thanks to generous donations from the public, the money has been raised by prospective Eagle Scout Derrick Trotman for Quandary signage project

An Eagle Scout project to put warning signs on Quandary Mountain is moving forward after generous donations from Summit County locals. The effort is aimed at minimizing risk for hikers unfamiliar with Quandary's terrain.

The signs are in "approval phase," and Summit County Rescue Group field team leader Matt Hage said they will likely be completed in January. They will not be installed on the mountain until springtime due to avalanche danger and snow.

Summit County Rescue Group said signs will be helpful because the rescue group gets many calls related to people leaving or losing the trail, or the west ridge route. They'll be placed in two locations - at the main east ridge trail head and above the entrance point for the West Ridge route.

According Hage, more than $1,800 was raised by 14-year-old Derrick Trotman of Highlands Ranch. As of early September, Derrick had only raised $200 with hopes of collected up to $1,400. But after an article ran about the Boy Scout's efforts in the Summit Daily News, there was a "phenomenal response to the project."

"It's an Eagle Scout project that will have tremendous impact," Hage said. "It's a project that the Summit County Rescue Group and the Sheriff's Office have wanted to do for a long time. The Forest Service was gracious enough to work with us and let the signs go up. At the end of the day, we're going to be able to educate the public in a way that will make climbing Quandary a safer experience for everybody."

Derrick came up with the idea for his Eagle Scout project - getting warning signs on Quandary in response to the high volume of rescues seen on the peak - to honor the life of his brother. Two years ago, 14-year-old Chance Forsythe died in a Vail Pass snowmobile accident. Because Summit County Rescue Group was called to help Derrick's family when his brother died, he said it was an easy decision to center his Eagle Scout project around the organization. When Derrick finishes his project, his brother will gets his own honorary Eagle Scout ranking posthumously.

"I can't get over how big the response was," Hage said. "The hardest part of the project - which was raising the amount of money required - became the easiest part because the public responded so well. Thanks to everyone who donated."

For more information on how to help with the sign project, call Derrick at (303) 483-5453 or e-mail him

By Caitlin Row, Summit Daily

Photo by Shari Topping.

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